School Based Magazine Evaluation

Font cover

For the front cover of my school based magazine I took a picture of my friend tom dressed as a chemistry student I believe that this image was quite successful in keeping with both the features of a magazine and being a successful image.  Also for my front cover I believe that I used some of the features and conventions of a magazine quite well for example my masthead ran across the top of the page. Other features I used were including the issue number and putting some indications as to what is in my magazine.

However, I think there were improvements to be made to the front cover for example it is quite bland and is not very front cover like disregarding the masthead. I also believe that the image could have been better planned out when it comes to fitting the text around the subject.


Some of the features in my contents are quite affective such as my text placement and colour scheme however I think that with the proper practise and research that I could make it better. This is because the image is not the best and the layout is not as attractive as what I set out to make.

Conventions Of A Magazine

magazines, whilst vastly different in many ways often follow certain trends that are almost characteristic for a magazine to be a magazine, whilst the A4 sizing and book like pages are obvious some conventions are not so.
Magazines include many key features and defining characteristics such as Mastheads, titles, double page spreads etc.
Often at the top of the page, the masthead is almost the branding of a certain magazine and remains true to every edition of the magazine. The masthead is located at the top of the front cover and sometimes on corners of pages within the magazine this is true for Q magazine and many others alike. the masthead serves as branding making the magazine easily recognizable as well as memorable, this is usually involves bright colours and simplistic text in bold large formatting.
The title of the magazine is often short and catchy it often relates to a singular article primarily the main and most extensive article. The title often is one of the largest text on the cover second to but not always the masthead. the appearance changes from magazine but tends to follow the trend of Simple classy text for more formal magazines but edgy more contrasting bright colours for less formal magazines.
Full Page Image
The full page image often culminates with the title of the issue often conveying some relevance to the article, in the case of music magazines often a staged photograph somewhere along the lines of the accompanying article.
Pricing and Barcodes
Pricing and Bar codes appear on all commercially available for purchase magazine the general trends mainly consist of them to be located in the bottom right hand corner of the front cover, however the price can be located anywhere on the magazine especially on lower budget magazines.