The Elevator (a short film deconstruction)

The short film The Elevator is a comedy film following the main characters journey to the top floor of building or floor 9 this is shown through the establishing shot of the main character waiting for the elevator and the following shot of him pressing the 9 key. At this point he is the only person in the elevator and standing relatively close to the doors/the camera. The camera is placed slightly lower than eye level and the subject as the subject reads the floor numbers above the elevator doors this creates a sense of atmosphere subjecting he is quite comfortable.

As the elevator arrives at floor two the once equilibrium is disrupted by three larger people enter the shot through the opening of the elevator doors. As they enter the elevator the main character is forced to move slightly backwards a little further from the camera this creates a feeling of un-comfort for the character.

The elevator then proceeds to level 3 where the same happens again as three larger characters enter shot, again pushing him further into the lift this time there is more visible discomfort as he looks around the elevator almost to take his mind off of being surrounded. This is when he sees the sign which reads “capacity 2000 LBS” followed by a close up of his face aging looking disgruntled as he looks at the people around him. Then comes floor 4, and a final larger character enters the elevator, this last character marks a tipping point, a tipping point where the main character no longer feels comfortable and looks for any escape from this

The main characters search for escape grows to the point in which he wants a way to distract himself from his fear, he first pins this on the fact that the weight of the people in the elevator exceed the maximum weight limit. The next shot shows a birds eye view on the character this shows both his lack of power and the way in which he is surrounded. The character tries to justify his anxiety on the fact of the people around him are In some way creating danger for him instead of accepting his fear of entrapment.

Finally when the character leaves the elevator after deciding it is too full the character proceeds to the elevator next to his current one. when the door opens it appears as if his problem is solved as the elevator he moved to has only a few people in all of regular builds. As the character arrives at the next floor after being in an elevator full of sneezing people he reads a sign saying flu ward realising his mistake the short cuts to black.

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