When producing my film, one of the key ways in which I found inspiration was through the medium of other works. The research into existing productions allowed me to find effective styles that both I and the target audience would find visually appealing as well as perceive the intended connotations. An example of this is through the way I used jump cuts; the style of Edgar Wright in the Cornetto trilogy allowed me to convey a large amount of crucial information without wasting a great deal of time, which is essential in any short film, without feeling rushed.

In relation to my music magazine, analysing texts such as the Rolling Stones magazine along side the comparative failure of magazines such as smash hits allowed me to shape my genre and audience in response to the contrasting styles and success.

Another way in which research and planning affected my final product was through analysing the effectiveness of particular shots in both still images and film as well as the connotations they may be associated with. A good example of this is one of the opening shots in my film where the protagonist is laid in bed pictures by a birds eye view. The connotations surrounding this is a feeling of emptiness. This was one of the key ways in which I developed the character of Don the implication being he is a divorcee.

In relation to my magazine the connotations of the shot pictured on the front of my magazine were to convey power and control. Through the the research I conducted I found this theme was plastered all throughout the music magazine genre and was achieved in a multitude of different ways. The most prominent however being the shot composition: the image being slightly below the eye level if the subject looking up at the person pictured. This influenced the image in which I took and became the primary way in which I conveyed the desired emotions of the magazine article.

A prominent feature in the improvement of my planning and research is using my own findings backed up by those of others. Through breaking down short films I noticed that the ones which were most effective incorporated minimal characters, events and locations. This greatly influenced me to chose a setting in which there would be limited cast and locations as to make the production less convoluted and difficult making the film overall seem better.

Involving both mine and other people’s finding on producing a good magazine was one of the greatest downfalls in my magazine. I stuck mainly to other people’s findings which felt like following instructions, this, I feel, limited my creative potential as the inspiration I needed were in real life texts. This overall shows that I improved greatly when moving on to my film as I realised a 50:50 mix of research is essential for a good product.

Finally, the way in which I believe improved my planning and research the most was creating and following the path suggested by my asset list. During the production of my magazine I used my research to depict my genre themes etc, however I believe that if I were to have created an asset list as a guideline my equipment available would have been put to far greater use.

In contrast to this the production of my short film was based entirely around my asset list, this was useful as it let me use everything I had in an effective manner. This is what gave me the idea of setting my film in school. It also gave light to reworking the commuting to school scene to be reworked to involve drone shots within my production.

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