Short Film Audience Regarding NRS Social Grade

The target audience of short film is different to that of regular more mainstream films. The most prominent sectors of target audience are likely to be Film directors, seeking new talent or filmic styles, or those interested in the production and development of film such as students.

The first group, those already established within the industry are likely to be that of the NRS social grade ranging from A to C1, employed and often well respected in there fields it is unlikely that a film company’s representatives watching short films are outside of these groups.

The second group, those interested in film, are likely students falling into the group E however these students are likely from backgrounds A to C1 and although currently unemployed and unskilled are likely to advance into groups A through C1.

The likelihood of other groups being interested in short films is slim however some unskilled or semi-skilled workers may find interest in short film although it is more likely that these groups would be interested in feature length film. This may be because the idea of short film is to be clever with film and to develop and challenge already existing conventions which the remainder classes are unlikely to show an interest in.

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