What I Have Learnt in the Progression from my Preliminary Task to my Full Product

First things first, I got a new camera between the time of shooting my preliminary and shooting my full product. I upgraded from a micro 3 thirds sensor to a Nikon APS-C sensor. This has vastly increased the sharpness, quality and ISO range. In addition the better lenses that provided better creative flexibility in getting a good image. This separates the two magazines from the beginner, free distributed, low count circulation to the above average, high circulation count distributed by official company’s magazine. This is also down to the equipment provided. In addition to better technologies there are also connotations and meaning behind the photos taken in the music based magazine compared the lifeless shell of the photos that are placed in school magazines. I have also learnt the different ways of taking a photo. Through Jessica Kobeissi and Peter McKinnon I have taken their experience and techniques to heart on how to take portraits and this helped drastically when producing a good photo.







The school magazine is low production technologies, like not having a studio or only using average lighting with no production value what so ever. School usually don’t have access to a full-fledged studio that I used when shooting my music magazine so that shows in their final products as they are lower than standard. One factor of this is the lighting that is used in my preliminary compared to my final product. Lighting in the school based one is only a single consumer based light while the music based one uses several high end lights. You can diffidently tell by the of light on both images. The harsh undiffused light of the school based shows the lower quality while the well-lit lovely diffused lighting of my music based shows the higher production quality and the development of skills in the time between

Photoshop is a big part in the developments I have made from the preliminary to the final product. I have learnt that sometimes more is less and that you can never have too many layers. Having everything o different layers is very useful as it gives you that ability to tweak every last thing. Another thing that is learnt from Jessica Kobeissi is how to use an adjustment curve. This thing is a saviour of photos. Pairing this with a dodgy histogram, the thing that tells you the composite of the image, it can fix anything and saves even the worst of images. Leaning about shadows, midtones and highlights has progressed me through learning valuable skill in photography and how to compose an image related to a histogram and what will bring out the best photo. While on the subject of composing an image I have improved on that too. In my preliminary I knew how to pose and block, telling models where they should move for the proper dramatic effect, basically. Using the rule of thirds and the “golden rule” have been a staple of my photography and I strongly believe in following it, but to break it when necessary to get more creative imagery, and this can be seen throughout both my school and music magazine. The way to I improved upon my composition from the base task is through cropping in post. If I didn’t like the image as it wasn’t tight enough on my model I would have just left it in my preliminary, however in my final all my images have been skewed, rotated or cropped to achieve the best compositionthis thingGraphics are a big part of magazines. In research I found that there popularity is much more than I imagined. My music magazine as seen makes use of very simple graphics that are used to separate the brands from the picture and in somewhat diminishes them as the blue in the brands and the blue in the graphic are similar and seem to seep together. I improved upon this by putting a little more research into the use of graphics to find out how they can define and make text punchier. On my final product you can see how the triangle at the bottom punctuates the text more and helps it not seep into the similar coloured background, which would have made the text unrecognisable and useless. I also used a very transparent red box behind the exclusive box to give a slight separation from the image as the image distracted from the text without it. This can be seen on my preliminary that the text is just splashed anywhere and that none of it has meaning or purpose apart from just being there. Pictures are also classed as graphics when as a drop image or manipulated to add towards another shape graphic or text. In preliminary I used no picture graphics while in my final task you can see the addition of a vinyl record on the front cover and a drop image in the contents page adds to the full image and provides information that wouldn’t be achievable with just text.






Magazine Contents Page_Final

Text is important. In my school based magazine I just threw in any other font that Photoshop provided me with. This didn’t pull the pages together as they all had different fonts. I improved this by having a main font the ties the front page and the DPS together. I obtained a font from the internet that I thought looked rock stylistic but also with a hint of classiness that most indie magazines try to present. When working with fonts it is good to keeps in mind that they can be overdone and that even the simplistic fonts can be good and that you don’t need a super fancy font to show off your new magazine.DPS_edited

How Does My Product Attract/Address My Audience

To find out how I attracted my audience its best to refer back to the actual audience and the feedback that they gave me. The feedback was collected from a small sample of people that wrote what they both liked and disliked about my magazine pages.

The feedback that I received from my front page is generally good. This is good as the front page is the selling point of every magazine as it’s the first and only thing that a customer will see. If the front cover isn’t good then they will not pick it up and buy it. A comment on the front cover says “colours go well with each other”. This is what I have opted for by choosing a main colour throughout my front cover as it pulls the whole thing together by having a theme. If a magazine has lots of different colours then it can be too confusing and the page can seem very jumbled and harsh. In addition using different colours doesn’t match the genre of the magazine at all. Indie magazines usually have a unifying colour that keeps their audiences coming back. The text and typography are what you would find on a typical indie magazine and that’s what makes it distinguishable as indie. With simple headlines and matching colour scheme it all follows the connotations of the genre. Also the name of the magazine, “Record Cabinet”, record are now associated with indie music as they were first to hop back on the record band wagon of the 21st century.

In my contents page there is a comment that says “nice image of model”. This is one of the key things that are needed to attract the audience. The image. If the image has something wrong with it then it will put off the audience as it doesn’t look GOOD. The pictures included in every magazine are the first thing you will see in each page, without an image the text next to it will just be a boring slab of information. If the image is low quality, framed wrong, has too much or too little going on then it will not have that eye catching affect that the successful magazines like Q and NME have. Good images are what separate the mediocre magazines from the professional ones. This is what I hope I have achieved in taking high quality planned image to make sure that my magazine breaks through the barrier of being just glanced at and make sure that it is recognised by audiences and picked up in stores.

On my DPS there is a comment saying “Good graphics” & “unconventional interview layout”. These two thing link in with the typography of the magazine. You could say that text is just as important as the image as it is what they’re actually buying the magazine for to read the articles. However if the text looks boring then it’ll be more like reading the news paper rather then an exacting magazine. By adding graphics and have a unique or “unconventional” layout will create a sort of “flashing bubble” around the text saying “come here and read this”. Graphics are essential in magazine as it gives a flare to anything that would usually be boring and in indie magazines, there are a lot. These are big things in attracting an audience towards big blocks of text that would normally look challenging to the reader, but now it looks kind of fun and interesting.

It seems that through the comments received I have found that my magazine is good enough to attract an audience. Does it attract my audience though? Well, yeah. The high quality production and simplicity of the colour schemes and content is what an indie audience strives for. It’s what it’s all about for them. Even though no one mentioned anything about age, ethnicity or class that is good in one way that when people look at ‘Record Cabinet’ it doesn’t spring to anyone’s mind, which is what you need in a magazine, for it too appeal to everyone.

The constructive critism of all pages are all of graphical errors or differences of opinion, which is good as this doesn’t affect the style of the magazine or goes against the conventions of indie magazines that my magazine could not have included :)

Who Is The Audiance For My Media Product?

What is my target audience? Well that all depends on my magazine and who likes to buy that magazine. It all comes down to one thing really: young or old? With this foundation question set the rest falls into place. Older generations being in the 35-60 range while younger generations being in the 17-30 range, both have different ways of in taking the media distributed by the many different companies. First we have to look at the way that the different ages digest media. These can be things such as physical magazines in the shop, subscription magazines and digital subscriptions and web based media.block-of-magazines
The older generations are obviously used to it the old ways, hard physical copies that they can hold and see. Just like how they did it back in the day. This can be from habit and that it is exactly how they got they media when they were younger and it’s just never going to be topped by the ever growing popularity of technological media, or that it is part of the fact they have it in their hand and it brings back that nostalgic feeling bringing them back to their younger years. As younger generations we’ll never know this feeling till the future when the information is directly transferred to the brain and we complain about having to actually go to a website and read about things. Anyway these physical copies can be acquired through many large chain retail shops or small corner shops that sell an abundance of genres. This can be part of a routine that older people do every month, maybe even every week. 840b4a44-bf09-48fd-8066-c021eae58b30_560_420
The younger audiences are faster paced and have shorter attention spans compared to the older generations. This means that they want to access to their media as fast as possible and in small bit sized bursts. These are usually acquired through social media outlets. In this day and age smart phones now let you get news apps and apps developed by magazine distributers. This fits to their lifestyles and how their interpret media. The easy accessibility and not having to go out of your way to obtain the magazine has seen the rise in magazine distributers promoting their online issues. This is great and all but is it better for Record Cabinet? I don’t think so.

Never far from their toys
Different audience that have no correlation towards my magazine would be the different types of people. Ethnicity, gender and sexuality aside these do not affect my audience as the magazine is set to appeal to all people. It’s the type of lifestyle that they live that effects what kind of person they are. Social class, parenthood, and job status all affect what kind of person someone is. If someone is a parent they will be buying family friendly content in relation to their children. They won’t be buying a magazine that swears or shows sexually commutated imagery which could be included in some issues. If someone is of a higher class or has a high earning job then they won’t want to pay for an average magazine that doesn’t replicate their lifestyle in the text of the magazine, which links towards the hypodermic needle theory that the media influences our lives so much that they can convince the public so much that we believe what the media tells us.hypoder
You see the indie scene is always one step ahead in the retro style. They worship anything old and retro styled. This will soon be what magazines are… Retro. The magazine will come out of its current slump of decline and return to the indie audience as being “cool” and “edgy” to own a pile of magazines. The target audience is the younger indie people and this is the type of thing that they relish on, being independent and different. So if the majority are getting their daily influx of news from the Q website then they will want to be different and actually go and buy a physical copy. This counters the argument of the older vs the older generation. The target audience is very dynamic in that the type of audience is matches the older generation; however the indie demographic has the ideals that match the older generation’s likes.

Diffrent Genres in Music Magazines


In this video I address how the different genres of music affect the presentation and contents of their magazine.

When composing this video I used Adobe Premiere Pro CC to edit clips together

Dwm 2017-03-31 16-32-40-32To record sound I used a programm called Audacity that let me record several clips into one file and so on. I also used it to remove background noise from my recording, to some extent.

Dwm 2017-03-31 16-33-16-75Hope you enjoy the video :)


Front Page Redraft

As my initial idea for a front page was deemed undoable then I set myself the task of redoing it. I looked at more front pages of indie magazines and found that there were no one playing drums and they were playing guitar. This was good as my connotations for indie magazines would have been wrong if I was to carry on with the original idea. This meant that I could follow indie music magazine connotations better with my new idea. With this new idea I had chosen to go with a band member holding a guitar with some sort of light effects. Whether this be different colour of using light trails with low shutter speeds. I am going to have a simple look that is seen throughout the indie fashion style. I am also going to have him hold a guitar and jump slightly, this will give the allusion that he is floating. A full body shot is a common connotation throughout any music magazine and especially indie. Magazine Front Page Redraft_Draft

DPS Shoot

The DPS shoot went very well and no real problems were faced during the shoot. For my DPS I planned to take pictures of a band with a couple of instruments on a brick backdrop. I had Caleb, Hetty, James and Alfie be part of this band with Caleb using his guitar as a prop and Hetty using my drumsticks.

We had everyone dress in very indie clothes which included very unique styles such as turtleneck jumpers and having a thin jacket over a hoodie, in addition to using denim. I had everyone positioned on the wall and while having them pose in different positions and in different orders.

To have more variation to my photos I shot on two different backgrounds that were conveniently next to each other. I shot on the red brick and then a wired fence. The brick had more of a warmer feel which I didn’t want but it was closer to my draft and the wired fence had that more indie vibe but it wasn’t the same as my draft. I will decide on which feel I will want to go with later.

I used the natural light of the sun as it was a clear day and in a low down position giving a nice soft light with quite a warm tone. We shot at around 6pm so it was coming to golden hour. I used my Nikon D7200 and a 18-105mm lens at a shutter of 200th of a second and an F-stop of 9. This will make sure all the subjects are in focus and that the image instant blurry.

Thank you Caleb, James, Alfie and Hetty


Contents Page Shoot Day

The shoot went absolutely swimmingly. No problems were faced at all and all the pictures turned out perfect! We utilised James’s studio again as it is exceptional for controlling light and has an abundance of backdrops to experiment with.

We used Emily Brown as the model as see has features nearly identical too the woman pictured in my draft. We had Annabelle helpfully apply makeup similar to my draft and it turned out wonderful. We had Emily dress in comfortable clothing as only little of her was shown from the neck down. In addition we had Annabelle do many different hairstyle to see which one would provide the best image. We did around 6-8 hairstyle and I combed through every single different one to see which one fit best.

The light the scene we had one ‘Arri’ on her left side to light up the scene and provide both a fill light and spotlight. I then had Hetty hold a large bounce board to fill in the shadows on the right side of her face. I also had a small spotlight behind her to give a nice white glow to the background. By have a spot light and a bounce this could create a contrast between the sharp and soft.

I used my 50mm 1.8G lens to create a large amount of bokeh and give me a deep depth of field. This meant that no detail was retained in the background which is exactly what I wanted. I hade a shutter of 100th of a second and an F-stop of 2.8.

In the end I really liked my final product and I think it mirrors my draft well. Thank you James, Annabelle, Emily, Hetty and Olivia.



“Logan” Review

The final instalment of the ‘Wolverine’ franchise couldn’t have been any better. With a perfect mix of violence and emotion it had me on edge till the gut wrenching end. Directed by the amazing James Mangold and starring the fantastic Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart for their final film as their characters that they’ve held for 17 years now. Logan has got a 8.5/10 on Imdb and diffidently deserves it.

519-film-page-thumbnailThe films description goes like: “In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X somewhere on the Mexican border. However, Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are upended when a young mutant arrives, pursued by dark forces.”

The gritty and drowery feel that the film undertones throughout gives it the feel that this is the end of Logan’s patients and maybe the end of his road. The character Logan has the ability to heal rapidly from any injury, but like in “The Wolverine” these powers have been dampened or sometimes completely disappear. This gives the film a more human feel than the others as you can see the pain and suffering that Logan goes through just like a normal human instead of some disposable superhero. At the start of the film the character also presents himself as very inward and shows no affection for anyone, even towards the only other surviving X-Man Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart). However as the film goes on you can see the deep emotions that Logan has for Charles and his friends. Charles is now very frail and unstable with his powers, shown as his brain is classed as a uncontrollable weapon by the government, and has to be looked after by Logan. Charles is a juxtaposing character to Logan in being very open with his emotions and opinions and earns for a normal life and to just live a little in the little time that they both have. Charles is somewhat a farther figure to Logan as he tries to guide him throughout the film into doing things that he thinks will be right for Logan. In addition to these characters there is also a new character to the franchise: Laura/X-23. Laura is played by Dafne Keen and is the female clone of wolverine, essentially making her his biological daughter. Even with second to no lines Dafne still delivers a powerful character with body movements and facial expressions that can one minute be consoling and kind to then switch immediately to violent and stern.

logan-trailer-700x300With the big trend of extra violent superhero films, started by the one and only Ryan Reynolds with his film “Deadpool”, Logan’s gritty feel only strengthened by the fact the bad guys limbs were being chopped off left and right. The gore aspect was implemented nicely only being used when nessisery to give the audience the squeamish feel and brings the thoughts that the person is actually dead and not just laying down for a bit. Both practical and special effects were smoothly transitioned between and hardly any computer generated effects had to be implemented. Within this the editing of the film was paced perfectly. With the editors and directors knowing exactly when the slow and fast parts of the film were and projecting this to the audience. When you can sit through a 137 minute film and not feel uncomfortable once then you know they’ve done a good job.


Visually the film was stunning! with bleak and shrouded cities that light up at night, to the dry wastelands and the tall woods that hold both life and the death of many. All shot in the USA with beautiful wide shots to show the amazing but ruined American dream. With powerful action scenes with the woods scene being my favorite as it brings out the animal in Logan and has a very powerful feel. Also having very warming scene such as the house scene with the Munson’s family where you finally feel like Logan is at peace with his life and that he is happy and feels love. There is a scene where Logan puts Charles to bed and Charles say to Logan “take a minute to slow down, feel what it’s like to live or you’ll miss it” which resonates throughout the film till the very end scene. These types of scenes are what separates this film from the rest.

I loved every minute. 9/10

Front Page Shoot Day

After the failed attempt of the front page the new idea went smoothly. Me, James and Caleb used James’s studio to shoot the redraft with Caleb being the model and James helping with lights and prep.IMG_3199IMG_3200I used two ‘Arri’ lights as spot lights on the model creating two shadows and lighting him well so I could use a fast shutter speed to get those freeze frame shots. I also used another spotlight, off camera, to illuminate his face.IMG_3205By using gels (filters) I was able to change the colour of the lights to a very cold blue and a turquoise. By having two different blues on different lights i was able to create different coloured highlights and shadows.IMG_3206I used a white background as it would refelct light and is easily coloured by the lights. IMG_3211

Caleb was dressed in very casual clothes that would match those of a guitarist. I had him hold his guitar in one hand while he jumped in different ways to create things like levitation effect to an action shot. Also I had him sit down as to get more variation to pick between later.IMG_3209We also played with lights at a lower shutter speed to create light effects around or infront of Caleb.Front Page SpreadThe final products were amazing and these are my top picks for the contents page. Much better then last time.

Thanks James and Caleb.

Front Page Shoot Fail + Redraft Idea

As with most things in photography it doesnt always turn out right or work in your favour like it does in your head. For example my front page shoot didnt go to plan and brung to my attention the unachievability of the idea.

The shoot took place in my house, that didnt offer a place that would give the right lighting and provide the large white spaces, however if shot in a studio this would provide the control over the light that was so hard to do in my house. Even if shot in a studio it would still not provide the standard that I would like for the main staple piece of the coursework. The other problem that I encountered was the types of angles and way that drums were positioned. The way to get both action and the involvment of light effects in the same shot was somewhat impossable. I decide that having movement in the shot was better than light effects, as these could be added in later, but still the angles provided in the space didn’t turn out too well.

In the end I abandoned the idea of having drums in the shot and tried out different shot with a guitar. These were also poor as I hadnt planned anything to shoot with these and was just pulling ideas out the top of my head.

Even after some minor touch ups they were unusable

I have decided that I am going to scrap the idea and that I am going to shoot a different photo. I decided to stick with the guitar as it is easier to work with and more mobile to shoot in different locations. This will allow for more creative photos.


“Record Cabinet” Contents Page

imagesindie-picindexFor my contents page I was going to go pretty simplistic and something that pictured someone female to help create diversity in the mostly all male photos that have been previously featured. For this I looked to places such as fashion magazines and took ideas from music magazines to merge together to create something. I took ideas from places featuring very makeup heavy models, which I wish to include in my final product. Although changes that I would make would be to have a close up or extreme close up instead of a medium shot. In addition to this I was thinking of having the model wear red lipstick as it gives a point of interest on the page, as bright colours would immediately catch your eye. In the first mock up pictured I have decide to make the picture the majority of the page. This person pictured will be presented as someone quite famous in the music industry. Having harsh contouring and bold makeup will create a sense of fierce and bravery in the character presented on the page. I have decide that some of the hairs will be overlapping onto the information about the magazine and by having the font in bold and blocky font it will be easily read with or without the intruding hairs.

Music magazine contents page_uncolouredIn the second mock up pictured I added colour. The visibly red lips and coloured hair are now on the draft. On deciding what the hair and eye colour where I went with brown as the darker colour of the hair and eyes would make the red lips pop more than If I had say gone for blonde hair that would be much brighter and may have decreased the impact of the red lips. In addition to this light on brown hair can be controlled easier, with less shine and no worry of hair being less visible on a white or grey background.Music Magazine Contents Page_coloured scan (2).In the third mock up I placed the image into photoshop and implemented the red lips and darkened the hair and upped the contrastMusic Magazine Contents Page_coloured scanIn the final mock up I coloured and added in everything else in Photoshop. I added skin tone and contouring to the skin which improved the image dramatically. The model will be slightly tanned, but not very disquietingly tanned. In addition to the skin I added depth and colour to both the eyebrows and hair, which a slight darkening of the eyes. Shading and lighting was added to the image overall. All colourers were saturated to give it a warmer feel, but In juxtaposition to this I changed the background to grey and darkened the surrounding area around the face. This will create further contrast between the background and model. Also I decide that I would Do black font as it would be clear and contrast most with the background making it easier to read.Music magazine contents page_coloured(FINISHED)

-Final Mock-up of contents page-

The final mock-up is very close to how I would like the final product but surely changes will be made to improve the photo the day of the shoot

Love Actually – Case Study

Love Actually –Case Study
General Information
Director: Richard Curtis
Released on 14 November 2003
Budget – $40,000,000
Gross – $247 million worldwide
Runtime: 135 min
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Rated 15: includes Strong language and nudityMV5BMTY4NjQ5NDc0Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNjk5NDM3._V1_UY1200_CR90,0,630,1200_AL_
Love actually Is what I would call the perfect Working titles film representation. It has all the aspects of a British film that is also trying to appeal to a transnational audience. The easy working titles equation to making a best selling international film is as follows: Hugh Grant + American actress + Well known English location x Romantic comedy = Best selling film
With this plot device in place in their films they can easily please American audiences and British audiences at the same time. The reason for this is because of the partnership with Universal Pictures. With the budget and backing from this massive distributer then they are allowed to make amazing films on high budgets, but having to appeal to American audiences. The way that everything is perceived in this film is with optimism, it is a Christmas film after all. The ways that each problem is perceived is taken with a pinch of salt to the real way things are. For example the film deals with unresipucated love, cheating in a relationship, work related romance, father-son relationships and so on. Each of these is fixed by the end of the film or is forgotten which kind of places the problems, that usually would still linger, under the carpet. This is the American influence that is placed on the film to make it sell better.hugh-grant-love-actually
With it following the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives in various loosely interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England you can see how its success globally came about. With such stars as: Bill Nighy, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Keira Knightley and good old Hugh Grant the list of stars is never ending and will leave you saying “I know him” every two seconds. No wonder it grossed $247 million worldwide and still continues to hold up its very high standards of a film. This film is considered to be a gem and I whole heartedly stand by that. The way to it fills you with all kinds of emotions ranging from a warm Christmassy feel to sadness and a sense of family belonging. It gives yo a kind of escapism into the hectic lives of the extensive character collection

Representation of Disability in Media

Breaking Bad: Se1 Ep1 – Clothing store scene

In this scene Walt Jr and his parents are in a clothing store and are buying new pants for Walt Jr. In the scene Walt Jr is made fun  by a group of guys for having to get help putting his pants on because of his cerebral palsy. He is then visibly disheartened and looks uncomfortable when seeing if he wants to buy them. Walt Jr’s dad Walter White is then angered by this a leaves through the back door to then enter through the front door. He then proceeds to kick over the young man and stomp on his leg saying if “he’s having a little trouble walking”. This is referencing the fact that his son has trouble walking because of his disability. This brings the young mans power from being visibility over the family with his mockery to being taken all the way down when he is actually physically taken down by Walter White. As Walt Jr is disabled he can’t physically stick up for himself, so his dad has to do it for him. This could be showing the constant gap of self worth that abled and disabled people have. The dependence that Walt Jr has on his mum and dad is very clear, but Walt Jr wants to be independent like everyone else, to be ‘normal’. The can be seen in the shots before when he was getting changed in the changing room. He is struggling to get the jeans on and is asked if he wants he mum or dad to come in to help him. The sigh in his voice when he answers shows that he is tired of needing help to live an everyday life and wants to become his on independent person.

Throughout the whole of the scene there is a never a shot lower than eye level on Walt Jr as they want to portray him as weaker than everyone else. Everyone is over him and taller demonising power.

This scene can also reflect real life. The way that he made fun of in a public place that will have regular people in and out all the time, that he and many other people with disability’s, are victim to prejudice by anyone at any time in any situation.

“Record Cabinet” Double Page Spread

For my double page spread I have Decided to do a single picture that streches roughly a bit more than two third across the page with a third of the page being dedicated to the colums and article. Music magazine Double Page Spread_uncloured

-First Draft, uncoloured

To follow the style of the magainze I have devided to do a 5 piece band photo. Each member of the band is going to be wearing noticable trendy/indie like clothing such as shirts and bomber jackets. In addition to this i have included instruments, like a guiatar and a person holding drum sticks, this kind of ties in and simpley hints at people that these people are a band. By doing to also it adds in mise-en-scene and cements them as a band instead of a group of guy hanging out. As you can see the spread includes the name of the band, from which I have stolen from my brother actual band, that is the most visable text and will pull the eye towards the spread if recognised or intreegs a reader. Underneath this are is the article. This will most likely be an interrview with the band about their music or upcoming music. In addition to this they may be asked a question about media/music or views on current events.

The location of the shot will be somewhere dark and in public. This will inclead places such as brickwalls, tunnels and public areas. This will fit the astetic of the magazine for being very origanal and independant. If the photo is taken in public this can also indicate a lack of a studio with could show that the band is either unknown or upcoming. An idea that I had involved searching tunnels in Bradford as it would have the mise-en-scene of grimy and graffeetid and this would be perfect for the intended lighting and surroundings.

Music magazine Double Page Spread (FINISHED)

Final Draft, coloured and altured

This is the final draft of my double page spread. I have included lots of lorem ipsum in the paragraphs and pull quotes to represent what the final product will look like. As you can see the colours will be desaturated slighlty and blacks will be hightened quite a lot. This will also be paried with shadows to create a dark and grimy image, to match that background and surroundings. This will not be as creative as the front page but will have a degree of proffentioanlism that the front cover does not.

As with an idea this consept may change at the time of shooting and different variations may be created.

“Record Cabinet” Magazine Front Page

I have decided that my magazine is going to be indierock based. My Magazine is loosely based of the magazine Rolling Stone with a similar font title for the Master head and similar genre of artists in the magazine.

The magazine is going to be aimed towards the higher quality standards of magazines, including artistic and creative photos of artists with in depth articles. This would mean that it will sell for a higher asking price of something like £4-£5.

Music Magazine Front Cover_uncoloured

-First mock up of the idea, uncoloured

The idea for the front cover is a medium close up of the drums and the drummer. It would be mid-movement of playing the drums. The idea was to create light trails from the drum sticks. To accomplish this without motion blur I will use a technique called rear flash focus. In addition to the light trails each drum will be illuminated from underneath the drum and a spot light shall be placed on the drummers face. This will be taken inferno of a white or black background to perfectly capture the light effects. The look of the photo will have somewhat high saturation in colours but quite low in skin tone. High contrast will be a key part of the final product.

The person playing the drums will wear either a casual solid colour t-shirt or a casual-fancy shirt as most drummers are not the forefront of bands and want to feel more comfortable than stylish. In addition to this indie and rock artists usually wear comfortable clothing. His face and hair will be visibly sweaty and will either be swept back or cover his face entirely.

Music Magazine Front Cover (FINISHED)

-Front Cover, coloured and edited

This is my first full draft of the front cover. It has been coloured, tampered with and added to in photoshop. Real photos have been added to bring a more realistic look to it and a masterhead with my intended font has also been implemented. Each of the paragraphs and any text that is not the masterhead is in a simple font that will indefinitely be changed in the final product and I have used Lorem Ipsum, random letters that don’t make real words, to represent what would be actual information about the magazine. Although my photographic knowledge and skill in photoshop is decent my drawing and colouring skills are not. I was unable to create a representation of light trails and illuminated drums that I liked so I have included a photo of what the drums would ruffly look when illuminated.


Although my ideas are pretty cemented I am sure that they will changed when taking the photo for the final product and other ideas my be created and secondary covers my be made.


Media Mock

“Media production is dominated by global institutions, which sell their products and services to the national audiences”. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

I will be talking about how Universal Pictures/Working Titles appeal to both a global and national audiences, while Warp Films only appeal to national audiences.

Working Titles is owned by Universal Pictures, controlling all aspects of Working Titles films. The films made by Working Titles are all aimed to please international audiences and in doing so they please national audiences. However the consumption of products by a national audience is not largely dominated by global institutions, like Universal, it is also challenged by national institutions, like Warp Films, which only cater for the national audience instead of the global market.

Within pre-production Working Titles can produce much higher budget films due to the massive funding from the father company of Universal: Comcast. This allows for large stars to be bought into their products and films, in doing this the information can be released to the public to create hype and to stimulate the audience’s interest in this upcoming film. An example of this is the common crew of actors that are frequently cast throughout Working Titles productions such as: Hugh Grant, Bill Nigh, Martin Freeman and so on. This will appeal to both a national and international audience as they are well known throughout the film industry.

On the other hand pre-production is virtually non-existent from Warp Films due to financial and coverage issues. Warp Films usually have very unknown casts and abstract film ideas. This will create no interest in the film as many people will not see the marketing and be drawn to it. Another reason why is because the budgets that are used on the product will not suffice for both marketing before and after the film release. The horizontal integration of Warp means extra money would be needed from external companies to create a somewhat sub-product to bring interest for the main product. Usually only a small teaser trailer will be released for the film.

The products that Working Titles produce have a certain premise that will allow it to appeal to an international audience. Since Working Titles is a British origin company that also has to appeal to a global audience, it has to create that interest for both national and international. This means that the films are usually set in stereotypical locations, with stereotypical characters, such as: Hugh Grant living in London trying to find love. By doing this the products will appeal to all as this is the perception of the England and our daily lives. Audiences will recognise it and be able to process it. The budgets are as high as £30 million for films such as “Love Actually” and $87 million for “About Time”.

However Warp Films take a different approach to their product. With no creative restrictions from the higher up companies or vertical integration Warp can make any film or premise they like. However this comes with a drawback as with creative freedom issues can be addressed that doesn’t appeal to an international audience. But in addition to this a national audience may like this more as the audience can relate to subjects in Warp’s films more than in Working Titles films. The gritty realism of the films is not a genre to be ridiculed by British audiences because of the gritty real world that we already live in. Warp’s low budgets mean that locations aren’t extravagant and have to be cheap; this is to allow for money to be spent of things like actor, pops and distribution. Although cheap, this may come as a benefit for Warp as it allows the audiences viewing these locations to recognise and relate to them. For example “Four Lions” was shot in Sheffield. However being an independent film company they rely on their film doing well to keep the company running and to supply funding for the next film. Without conglomerate backing from the big companies, Universal, if one of their films does badly they have nothing to fall back on and can go bankrupt.

Vertical integration is a wonderful thing when dealing with distribution of your product. Working Titles involvement with Universal Pictures allows for the masses of wealth to be acquired and put to use. The popularity and large budgets allow for international screenings in many different theatres. This also means that the major distribution techniques can be used like: Trailers, billboards, posters, adverts on TV, merchandise, talk shows and many more. In addition to these new creative mediums can be used such as snapchat filters or Facebook live hangouts with the cast. YouTube collaborations on large channels are also a good way to bring awareness for the product. This will get maximum coverage to an international audience, which Working Titles often aims their target audience at. Technological convergence is the merging of distinct technologies. With recent technological convergence, which improved global interconnectedness, films both national and international are being distributed and shared much easier and can gain coverage at a much greater and faster rate.

Warp Films have a much smaller and niche audience to distribute to but need to reach out to distribution companies due to their lack of synergy. These are usually European or UK based distributers, like Studio Canal, that are payed to distribute round the national audiences/area. Due to the lower budgets that Warp’s productions are usually on, the films are usually only in a few mainstream cinemas and also in a few independent theatres. The waves of distribution that you’d commonly find in big blockbusters are compressed by Warp. The film will release in cinema, but may also by released on DVD and available to buy online to download. In addition to this digital technology advancements may mean it will release on streaming websites too. Merch is small or non-existent with Warp products and basic distribution techniques may not be used by warp as they are too expensive. For example working with Film 4 and the BBC can help with securing funding for making and distributing films.

To conclude, I do think that media production is dominated by global institutions as they aim to appeal to an international audience with every film and in doing so with this they have to also appeal to the national audience and I think with every film they will continue to stay on top of the market. However with the advancements of digital technologies film equipment and distribution is getting cheaper by the year. To produce a film grade products is getting more accessible to the lesser known company’s and people passionate about film. This could mean that national filmmakers could become level or even overtake global institutions in pleasing the national audiences.

Super 8 Film

Super 8 film intrigue me a lot. The look of the film gives it that nostalgic feeling that can bring back the fondest memories.

Super 8 film is a format of film that is 8mm created in 1965. This format was created to improve upon the older 8mm “home movie” format. This new format allowed the film to record sound to it by an oxide strip down one side due to the dimensions being much bigger. In addition to the sound the frames were larger allowing for more exposure. This new format brung a spark of professionalism to consumers, making their home movies seem more film like and inspired film in many. The most popular distributor of super 8 film and super cameras was Kodak.

I have been introduced to this type of film recently and I long to shoot on it. The way that colours present themself gives it that special nuance to other film formats. The way that everything over exposes, but somehow still looks good. It’s perfect for capturing memories or to shoot a music video or to even be used in current films to show past events.The thing that most springs to mind when thinking of super 8 film is the film “Super 8”, this film is about a group of teens getting together to shoot their own zombie super 8 film when suddenly strange assurances begin to happen in their town.



The way that the teens film looks and how it’s shoot and put together brings an element of excitement. This is probably due to the fact it’s a new way of film to me and I really want to try it out. Unfortunately in this current time (2017) super 8 film is extremely expensive. With only 3 minutes of film costing around £30 to shoot even a short film would require a large amount of money. In addition to this the film needs to developed and I don’t have any equipment to do so, though I wish I did, so that means it will have to be sent of for development. This is where it gets expensive. The sending, developing and reviving of a 3 minute roll of super 8 film can cost as much as £50+. RIDICULOUS!super-8-02

I don’t think i’ll be filming anything on super 8 film anytime soon…


Here are some videos that incurage me look into super 8 film and sparked my intrest: