Ideas regarding costume

We developed the idea of using colours to create meaning in costume, we are going to link characters through costume colours, Jack and Paige will wear a garment of the same colour each time Jack takes notices of Paige on their walks out, Shannon and Elizabeth will be wearing contrasting colours and the day the two meet, they will be wearing a garment of the same colour. We are thinking of putting a garment on the teddy that links to all of the characters to show how the teddy is the important thing that can be used as a tool to bring a family together by a little boy.

Through research of Game of Thrones we found that Sansa Stark was a key character who’s costumes held great importance in terms of meaning and reflecting the development of the character.

The young noblewoman’s hairstyles and clothing tell a story, too, with significant, but often subtle, meaning.

“All of the fashion, the hairstyles, especially with Sansa, it reflects her influences over the seasons and who her loyalties lie with,” – Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, told USA TODAY.

Building ideas with Zahra

I had an epiphany of ideas about parts of our short film whilst thinking bout mirroring and binary opposites. Me and Zahra worked together to develop these ideas and condence them, we jotted down some notes with the use of her lovely handwriting.


Planning and story boarding

we spent a good amount of time discussing what frames of shots we wanted to record and draw out as well as a vague script with a description of what each frame had. We took it in terns to scribe and I described my thoughts to the others.

Here is a picture of my beautiful hand drawing a frame…


…And a beautiful picture of a hand drawn by Zahra in the first frame.


Testing out camera skills

To test and develop my camera skills, me and 2 of my friends decided to make an extra short, short film, very simple and without a complex story line, I wanted to test our planning, directing and camera skills and we put together a short clip with my baby sister and cooking in my kitchen, I wanted to see what is was like to work with her too. We started off with lots of ideas, came up with short films involving more character but decided to start off simple, as it was our first time filming something with any kind of real skill. I’m a very visual person and everything I thought out in stories had a precise style and shot and look to it, expressing that to others clearly was probably the most challenging aspect of making this very short video, but it still worked, I took on the lead of directing and did most of the editing so I could put in the style I was thinking of, I also learned how to describe my vision of the video to my friends, and with a bit of everyone’s input and helping each other, we made something I was quite proud of in terms of shots.

The slider

When I created my practice film I thought that the slider would be a good new piece of equipment to learn to use, it creates a smooth panning effect. When filming it reminded me of the style of one of my favourite directors Wes Anderson. Here is an example of his style.

New series I’ve been watching

Over the October week off, I’ve been revising, spending time with my family and thinking of blog posts, as well as binging on Netflix series, I managed to start and finish 2 series- big mouth and F is for family, nearly finished a 3rd now- 13 reasons why, I’ve also started another new series that looks bomb, STRANGER THINGS. I love the 80s time setting and the technological hold backs people face due to the time. So far I’ve watched 3 episodes, Will died :( I am however still excited to see what is to come, unfortunately I won’t be able to binge quite as much as I have been on Netflix because it’s school time again *woohoo* but I’ve enjoyed watching series for the slow release of a story you get that lasts over a long period of time, I enjoyed the 2 animated series I watched, they had a lot of adult humour and I must say that big mouth is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, almost creepy but too funny and odd to stop watching. The animated series I watched were a nice escape from real life and 13 reasons why has me very sad to finish, but stranger things shall keep me going with its quirky episodes.

Technologies and progression

I have learned about technologies such as camera equipment, photoshop, the distribution process and online advertisement. I have gained and developed skills which have resulted in me creating this product.

edditing 1edditing 2edditing 3edditing 4edditing 5front cover music mag FINAL EVERFINAL front cover music mag

Here you can see some evidence of the progress I made on Photoshop, and some of the skills I gained and developed within Photoshop on different projects I worked on.

  • My first editing practise
  • Erasing up close for precision
  • Inserting new font type for wanted look of text on Photoshop
  • Boarders and filling colours as well as articles and image and text mix
  • First attempt at a contents page
  • Original front cover

I have learned about technologies such as camera equipment, Photoshop, the distribution process and online advertisement. I have gained and developed skills which have resulted in me creating this product.

Audience and social groups- what I did

  • Audience research
  • Creating a market to understand an audience
  • Breaking down magazines and looking at genre
  • Deciding on the best genre for me and fitting a target audience
  • Follow conventions of exemplar products
  • I created questionnaires
  • Looked at the kinds of gigs my audience went to and would pay for, the music they listened to, what entertainment materials they used in reference to music
  • Looked in different shops and news agents to see what was already being produced, the popularity and how to improve the popularity of my product in comparison to similar products
  • Looked at the decline of music magazines to find solutions
  • Decided the solution was on pricing and representation through imagesBy making my magazine cheap, it would be affordable to my target audience, and the content is relevant to middle-class teenagers. Looking at gigs and listening to music in particular, my audience were fond of these aspects most and so I incorporated them into some articles. The articles being short mean that they don’t look time consuming or boring, yet the information means people get their money’s worth and the photography improves the representation of women yet still holds attraction to a heterosexual male audience. My magazine represents a social group which is growing and carries a mixture of different personalities, all fond of indie-rock, some being more rebellious and adventurous, and so just enjoying the music. My variety of images all represent indie rock in different ways, and in doing so, each member of my target audience would be able to relate and live through the musician- characters I created. These personalities cover the categories of:
  • My media product represents people between the ages of 17-25 as my target audience is teenagers, and to follow the conventions, the people included are a few years older than my audience.
  • …Meaning that my product could be created and attract and audience due to this research.
  • Rebels
  • Gig-aholics
  • Always with earphones
  • Soft indie/country fans
  • Old school rock and roll geeks
  • Hipster- alternative
  • Individualistics

The way in which my mag uses, develops and challenges conventions of Indie mags

My product is a development of real media products as I have set it at a slightly lower price so that my target audience are encouraged to buy it, with the magazine industry declining. I have followed the conventions of other media products in the same genre however, breaking down different magazines and gaining ideas from indie rock magazines as to follow the conventions of layout, contents, colour and overall style. I challenged a convention by having a female on the front cover, a fake popular musician of indie rock. Usually a man is on the front cover, but I thought that challenging the convention by having a young girl improves aim at my target audience of today’s teenagers. Although posing attractively, the emphasis is not on her looks but her talent by involving a guitar at the base of the picture- the musician looking out and up, as if towards her future, still holding onto her guitar. The emphasis is on the female gender, to appeal to my male target audience and relate to my female target audience. I did not challenge the convention of ethnicity; I followed these conventions as my magazine has Caucasian models.


Genre conventions


Edgy styles are used very frequently with lots of colours to create a chaotic look, fonts are often distressed and text is bold with smaller subtitles and text below, descending to the sides of the page more text is included in these covers more so than others such as Rap music magazine covers.



  • Topless-being shown in a sexual light
  • Tattoos- quite heavily tattooed, often on the chest and arms
  • Casual clothing- leather and denim
  • Jewellery- subtle- watches etc.


  • Hair and makeup- dramatic and bold, accentuating the eyes
  • Heavier jewellery- particularly earrings and necklaces
  • Minimal clothing- for the male gaze- desirable (midsection often on show)Target audience:Around 35% male, 65% female
  • Although the audience is predominantly female, sexual objectification of women is key in the majority of media for the male gaze and female’s “goals”
  • Ages 13-25


  • 2-3 colours, bright, female focus
  • Fits the theme of pop but doesn’t consume the page or make it too busy with multiple colours. Includes contrast such as pink and black
  • The rule of thirds- condense pages for example, split into 3
  • Small text, spread out
  • Language includes facts about a celebrity’s personal life- theme of happiness and mild drama
  • A comedic introduction may be included
  • Extremely informal language style and pre-teen aimed


Bold colours are often used suck as dark reds and yellow, block colours, black and white are used. Greyscale and neutral colours are also used with one bright colour to make text stand out. Slightly mysterious/ serious faces are used by males that are more intimidating and powerful-looking. Women present themselves more sexually and have a more happy facial expression, or smouldering facial expression.


Soft neutral colours are common and blurred aspects such as backgrounds are used. Classical instruments are often on display with an adult woman dressed modestly and again in soft colours. When males model for these covers, they are usually conductors or middle aged in neutral, modest clothing wearing garments such as shirts, jumpers and trousers.



How I my product attracts my audience

IMG_2037 IMG_2038front cover music mag FINAL EVER

“Content of the text fits the conventions well”-M.D

“Bold colours and bold text match social connotations of rockers being bold”-M.D

“The background is a nice gradient”-E.B

“The layout allows the main subject to be emphasised”-A.T

“Dark makeup giving a metal aspect to the look”-M.D

“Text is clear and looks realistic”-Z.K

“It looks like a real magazine”- J.C


Practise question

What significance does the continuing development of digital media technology have for media institutions and audiences?

The continuation of the development of digital media technology is inevitable, and so the significance of it makes an impact on audiences, meaning that institutions have to keep up with this in order to be successful.

The development of digital media technology in reference to film is huge. Only over the past few years has the internet been possibly the biggest means of advertisement for film. With technology developing so rapidly, more and more as time goes on, there are many different ways of distributing films and marketing. The younger generation in particular are interacting with the internet more than going to the cinema or buying DVDs, and so it is of great significance for media institutions to take advantage of this for advertisement of film.

DVDs and blue-ray are still bought however and cinema is still an entertainment gateway many people take, an example is that working titles DVDs are probably the most available DVDs I have seen on shelves. Although the internet is so popular and such an easy, diverse gateway to advertisement, other, older methods are still successful in advertising and showing film, the internet can be seen more as a benefit to these; the hype of Star-wars for example, the internet was used to give snippets of teasing tasters to the film, all over social media, the excitement spread fast and wide, only for line-ups to the cinema being incredibly packed with fans of the famous films. And DVDs coming out before films at the cinema can make audience members feel as if they are blessed with a first viewing, ahead of everyone else, again, the internet providing social media etc. for hype to bubble up, awaiting the release of the film in some form.

The internet however, is also providing the viewing of films as well as advertisement. This means that platforms such as Freeview, Netflix and even Youtube provide access benefitting audiences greatly as people can watch pretty much anything, anytime, anywhere- using tablets to watch films on long train journeys instead of buying a magazine or newspaper to read. Viewing films with no charge or paying a small price every month for free access to films on platforms such as Netflix. Working title films such as love actually and about time are available on Netflix for example, and writings by Richard Curtis are common across this digital device. Access to Wi-Fi is so broadly available to people that any form of digital media that uses Wi-Fi to show films and immensely popular due to the availability to film through their own digital media devices. The fact that this development is so rapid also means that digital media devises are becoming cheaper.

The in-expense of technology as it develops means that more and more people commonly have their own personal media devices, as it is so easy to get hold of them. This means that people will find their own way of viewing films to suit them and so distribution methods from all media institutions also have to develop and change in order make money. This also means competition. Working titles releasing films that are available to view on platforms such as Netflix. Working titles are evidently keeping up with the development of digital median the range of film show a reasonably positive outlook on life, meaning that with a combination of well-known British and American actors and many writings being by Richard Curtis, that although they work with other companies such as Studio-canal- a French film company, not working with such big companies such as universal often, as working titles do, means that their films are not as well known, and although creating some brilliant content, do not spread themselves as far out as working titles do.

Referring back to pricing, the development of digital media technology means that everything is becoming cheaper, from film production to distribution- cheaper camera equipment, the availability of CGI and many editing and animation devices. Personal devices on top of this means that films are being made cheaply, easily and quickly, so more and more films being made quicker an quicker along with the immensely easy access to films for the audience shows how significant the development of digital media technology is, for both media institutions and audiences.

The future of distribution is probably the main aspect that will be affected by the development in digital technology and adapt so much as time goes on, the benefits of the development of technology puts a huge impact of change on distribution. The significance of this development is great for the audience and makes film production much simpler and cheaper.

It is important to note that digital technology developing means that audiences will use it, no matter what. And due to pricing correlating downwards on any graph, it is becoming more popular for places the internet provides to be used by audiences. Media institutions work with and for audiences, what the audience wants, institutions have to work with and so the significance in the continuation of this development is very high for institutions as well as audiences.


T2 Trainspotting review

I recently watched the second trainspotting film, two days after it was released, to be exact. A very nostalgic well written film, that mirrored the memory of the 90s phenomenon. Fans of the film trainspotting 100% would enjoy the film and appreciate the feelings it forces upon the viewers of how time can change people but not memories. I was very pleased to see the same actors looking so similar to in the original, parting Mark looking much healthier.

My dad said he had a lump in his throat just from “feeling weird” he is around the same age as the characters and relates to the situations and changes of Mark Renton specifically, living with similar friends as a young man and moving away from them developing a new life, being very successful. The feeling of nostalgia he got from remembering seeing this film as an 18 year old made him remember the change and development of his life and the great love of his favourite film. Obviously being his daughter, I was to watch the original and I happened to do so a month before the second came out, and so I couldn’t feel the same nostalgia however I greatly identified this effect it would have on people of the older generation. The many references in T2 to the original were subtle and built up to a significant pausing moment of Mark laughing psychotically at a driver when running to escape danger.

Mark Renton laughing at driver trainspottingT2 mark renton laughing at driver

This, along with other references and flashbacks to the original shows the moment of nostalgia the viewers felt and the cinema was silent, my dad ruined it by saying “you do get that, don’t you?” yes dad I did.


Representation of women in TV drama

This is Effy from Skins, she is very attractive but has problems with family life, drugs and friends. She seems like a perfect girl always having fun and being sexually appealing to many male characters, but the true representation of her life shows how many obstacles she faces and how she struggles with so many things in her life that it leads to depression. Even the representation of her life sometimes can seem like she deals with things well as she is always partying and is the “better one” compared to her best friend, being more attractive and much “cooler”. She is thrown around boys and treated as a prize to the dominating male at the time, although this is a negative stereotype, she has power over these boys as her choices are what breaks their friendships and she has the power of choice between the boys.

effy smoking

This particular image shows her dependence on drugs however, she is above the cigarette and would be able to be better, but her life’s circumstances mean that she is dependent on this. Her eyebrows tightening together show her weakness and how she doesn’t want to live this life, but it’s the only escape she’s got. Her makeup shows a faint stream of black down her cheek, showing that she has perhaps been crying Her clothing style is very grungy throughout the series and shows a mysterious portrayal, no one ever really knows who she is, just a beautiful mystery, and as the series goes on we find out just how hard her life really is and how human she is, not just a beautiful popular girl who parties, but someone who does all this to escape her life. In this scene she has slept out with her boyfriend as they ran away to a small town to find her boyfriend’s father. She still looks beautiful despite being on the run for days and not re-doing makeup or her hair, she looks a bit messy but still has beauty and her appearance fits in with her clothing style anyway.