Ideas Regarding Costume

We developed the idea of usuing colours to create meaning in costume, we are going to link characters through costume colours, Jack and Paige will wear a garment of the same colour each time Jack takes notices of Paige on their walks out, Shannon and Elizabeth will be wearing contrasting colours and the day the two meet, they will be wearing a grament of the same colour. We are thinking of putting a garment on the teddy that links to all of the characters to show how the teddy is the importanat thing that can be used as a tool to bring a family together by a little boy.

Through research of Game of Thrones we found that Sansa Stark was a key character who’s costumes held great importance in terms of meaning and reflecting the development of the character.

The young noblewoman’s hairstyles and clothing tell a story, too, with significant, but often subtle, meaning.

“All of the fashion, the hairstyles, especially with Sansa, it reflects her influences over the seasons and who her loyalties lie with,” – Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa, told USA TODAY.

I decided to do some research into the music style that I have chose which is 80’s pop rock and I came across Madonna. I am pretty sure everyone knows who Madonna is and she was a big music icon in the 1980’s and still is today but the 80’s is when she peaked. I hope you enjoy!




School Magazine

This is my front cover for my school based magazine. It has a catchy title(SSS) and plenty of cover lines to tell you what’s inside.The picture itself was taken inside school so it links to what the magazine is about. The model is a sixth form student so you can clearly see her lanyard to show she is part of the school and the community. Her clothing is smart and office like so it’s a very sophisticated look to go on the front cover and goes well with the theme.  School Magazine