I decided to do some research into the music style that I have chose which is 80’s pop rock and I came across Madonna. I am pretty sure everyone knows who Madonna is and she was a big music icon in the 1980’s and still is today but the 80’s is when she peaked. I hope you enjoy!




School Magazine

This is my front cover for my school based magazine. It has a catchy title(SSS) and plenty of cover lines to tell you what’s inside.The picture itself was taken inside school so it links to what the magazine is about. The model is a sixth form student so you can clearly see her lanyard to show she is part of the school and the community. Her clothing is smart and office like so it’s a very sophisticated look to go on the front cover and goes well with the theme.  School Magazine

Music Magazine-Target Audience

Whilst researching different music magazines for my genre, I came across NME magazine. This magazine has given me so many ideas for my own, including colour schemes and layout. The target audience for this magazine is males around 20-45 years of age whereas mine would be for the younger generation around the ages 16+ as most of the models I am using are themselves 16+ (apart from one). I would say that my magazine will be aimed towards all genders but my questionnaire shows that more males read magazines.

The target age group for NME shows me that their language in the magazine will include extended vocabulary but as it is more of a rock magazine, I will expect the language to be informal but not too much.

The people that feature on the front of NME are all artists so they could me male or female and could also be of any age group, whereas mine are 16+ and then a 12 year old, just like I said in the first paragraph.

The primary audience of my magazine, because of the genre of it, pop rock, the audience should be for teenagers and would say more for females. The secondary audience of the magazine I would say would be then for males around the same age group, older teenager and the tertiary audience would be for the older generation, ranging from 30+.

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